Our driving force is taking part in making a better society for future generations.

Skånemotor is a relational generator, idea workshop, and project engine. We drive development through collaborations and unique idea processes — creating both business opportunities and benefits to society. Our approach is characterised by a passion for the new and unexpected, and we are happy to integrate different industries, competences, and phenomena in order to achieve innovation in different ways. We are matchmaking, and we build connections between different companies and bodies, to create a forum and engagement on important topics and opportunities.

We create connections between people, inspire, and make things happen!

Skånemotor’s initiatives and projects

We create idea production, matchmaking, collaboration, events, development projects, storytelling. and more. We act according to our own production, on behalf of, or in collaboration with. Always with a focus to catalyse development towards tomorrow’s society, with playfulness, seriousness and a forward drive.


A unique conference concept where the meeting is at the centre. During the Nordic AI Powwow, we examine what impact artificial intelligence and machine learning will have on society and our common future.


Interesting, convivial and personal. At the center is the good conversation. The concept is about a festive lunch conversation in two halves with local players where we applaud and pay attention to phenomenal efforts while strengthening cohesion.


During Måla Framtid, focus is placed on the visions and the major societal issues by giving leading politicians in Lund the chance to boldly explore how we can unlock Lund’s potential as an attractive city in the world, together. It is vital to think big about the visions that future Lund requires of us. Let’s paint the future together!


We develop 100 project ideas to take advantage of the enormous potential of bringing the large science facilities, ESS and MAX IV, to Lund, and explore what ripple effects this can provide for the city, region and the world.


Skåne is a part of the world! Through the Global Skåne initiative, we want to highlight the international part through a series of activities and events. We are looking out to the world with both curiosity and an embrace towards change and see opportunities in our home court.


After work-concept inspired by Hungarian home party. Crowded apartment party, disco in the kitchen, singing together on the balcony, a mountain of shoes in the hall and some shady ping-pong competition going on in the closet. Hazibuli makes the heart pound, the brain explode and the legs invent innovative dance moves.


Visionary CrossFit to meet the future with knowledge and trust. The future gym wants more people to embrace the new opportunities of the future that comes as a result of the megatrends digitisation, globalisation and urbanisation. We also see the problems with rapid development. However, we are convinced that new knowledge will provide tools where we will benefit from the development in a world where we are increasingly interdependent. Our promise to those who want to join us: You’re no longer sitting on the side-lines; you’re soon trained to be in the game!


100 project ideas aimed at exploiting both the capital and the central city that are now growing in Lund compiled into a compendium. It is about showing opportunities for how we should act today to survive tomorrow. The project is led by Skånemotor and is carried out in collaboration with Folke Rydén Production and Science Village, supported by Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn.


Despite tough times, we must not lose the joy and our ability to act. Let’s show the way forward – during and after the pandemic. Sweden vs Corona is a web-based idea bank that gathers almost 5.000 proposals for new jobs and tips on what we can do in these challenging times. The project was initiated by Johan Wester.

The people at Skånemotor

Together we cover different kinds of skills and experiences. We share Skånemotor’s values and we are driven to make the world a little better. Please get in touch!